As a developer,

I want to give my users documentation,

Without requiring that non-technical colleagues learn a new programming language

  1. ember install ember-fr-markdown-file

  2. ember install ember-cli-showdown

  3. ember generate route mdContent --path /mdContent/:file_name

  4. paste this into app/routes/md-content.js
    • model(params) {return params.file_name;}
  5. paste this into app/templates/md-content.hbs
    • {{markdown-to-html markdown=(fr-markdown-file model)}}
  6. link from your templates like:
{{link-to "Code of Conduct" "mdContent" "code-of-conduct"}}
{{link-to "Privacy"         "mdContent" "privacy"}}
{{link-to "Getting Started" "mdContent" "getting-started"}}

7 . Profit!